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Common Problems We Treat

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Our Services

We provide help if you:

1) Are in pain.

2) Are active or want to be.

3) Want to improve performance.

We serve individuals and families (from infants to grandparents).

Diagnostic Approach

An accurate diagnosis is paramount for treatment success. Through our movement assessment and advanced orthopedic testing, and hands on approach, our doctors determine the cause of your issue and make a plan to correct it.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractic adjustment is given to release joint adhesion and improve range of motion throughout the body.

Typically provides an immediate pain relief as well. Our adjustments are influenced by many techniques and suitable for all ages.

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehab is an extension of traditional physical therapy.

We place a heavy focus on teaching exercises that will help you get better and stay better on your own long term rather than relying on drugs – or us – to keep you well.



This is based on restoration of the body’s natural healing energy.

The body is stimulated by placing needles into points along “meridians”. There are fourteen known meridians that are connected to the body’s organs and travel up & down the entire body. 

Muscle Work

The muscle work that we provide is not the same as a massage.

It is designed to release adhesion, activate the muscle, and help increase range of motion.

We also teach ways that you can help maintain the muscle integrity on your own.

Therapeutic Modalities

These are commonly used in physical therapist offices and we also provide them with your treatment. (Ex. ultrasound, electric stim)

This combined with our acupuncture acts as a regular spa treatment! Pretty sure this is why many keep coming back.


Ozone Injections

It is excellent for all forms of musculoskeletal pain. Ozone works to reduce inflammation and swelling, increase circulation, and increases oxygen supply of the cell to promote growth, repair, and healing. This is different from steroid injections which kill not only pain but lead to tissue breakdown.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone kills bacteria, virus, and fungus so it is effective against all types of infection. It boosts cellular metabolism – makes every cell in the body work better. It activates the immune system – less sickness. 

Ozone is helpful for getting well, staying well, and living longer. Most people want those things…

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Manwaring grew up in Woods Cross, Utah. After completing his Bachelor’s degree at USU & BYU-Idaho in social work, he worked for a time and then switched gears and went to St. Louis, Missouri for a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University.

“Before becoming a Chiropractor, I was a licensed social worker. In that field, I saw that the systems in place treated people with a lot of drugs which masked symptoms and issues. It never treated causes. While I spent the most time with people, I had the least amount of control in their care. I had to sit silently as I saw families ripped apart when they were supposed to be helped.

“I stumbled upon chiropractic treatment during this time, and immediately connected with the idea of conservative care and allowing the body to more or less do its own healing. Bettering life without the use of drugs or surgeries? Was it possible? It was and it is! Now, in the position of an entry-level provider, I can treat patients as I see best. I have the ability to help. Better still, I can focus on causes rather than symptoms only.  Being able to listen to patients and treat their issues is very rewarding. I also find that I’m doing more counseling now than I did before.”

Our physical health influences our mental, emotional, and spiritual health (and vice-versa).  Chiropractic care is NOT a miracle cure, but when it comes to issues that affect the quality of life (immobility, pain, weakness, or poor movement) there’s a lot we can help you with.

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